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What we offer

Beaconade provides a phased and structured approach to all network design solutions:

Information Gathering – detailed investigations into the aims and objectives of the project, both from a technical and business perspective.
High Level Design – production of high level designs to meet all client objectives and will be based on the information gathered in the previous stage
Design Approval and Consolidation – The high level designs are submitted to the client for review, detailing all constraints, benefits and potential issues.
Detailed Design – producing comprehensive design specifications and configurations for the successful implementation of the network infrastructure.
Testing / Proof of concept – Upon agreement of the detailed design, Beaconade Networks can provide comprehensive testing facilities and testing plans to fully demonstrate the design solution prior to any implementation.

Beaconade Networks Ltd offers a network design service that draws on the extensive experience within the company to provide innovative solutions across a wide range of scenarios:

  • Network Expansion and Integration
  • “Green-Field” Sites
  • Modernization
  • Design Evaluations and Reviews
  • Business Continuation & Resilience

Beaconade Networks realizes that the skill sets required to produce market leading solutions, and fully understand the technologies being implemented, are expensive to maintain in-house at the client and extremely difficult to find. Beaconade Networks provides unbiased advice as to product placement and aims to provide clients with the best solution available on the market today..

Due to the fast pace of growth in most enterprise environments and the demands placed on support staff, organizations can all too quickly find themselves losing a clear picture of the environment they support.

Beaconade Network’s Network Audit service offering can hand back the control to support operations by giving a clear picture of the environments that they support. Experienced consultants will spend time detailing every aspect of your environment from the physical infrastructure and cabling, through network traffic analysis and trending.

Beaconade Networks’ Network Audit, coupled with its documentation service delivers a clear and accurate understanding of an organization’s network enabling dynamic support of the business. The audit is designed to provide local network support staff with the information they require to carry out their job in a professional and confident manner, and also protect your organization against staff movement.

Power outages, device failures and broadcast storms, can have significant impacts on network infrastructures. To maintain the skills that can deal with situations under significant pressures can not only be expensive, but difficult to achieve in-house.

Beaconade Networks’ team of consultants possesses the skills and tools necessary to tackle complicated troubleshooting scenarios at short notice and under significant pressure. Our consultants adopt a structured troubleshooting methodology designed to understand the problem before formulating a solution.

Whether the problem is mission critical or performance-degrading, Beaconade Networks consultants have the skills, drive and pragmatic experience to help re-establish your organizations most valuable asset – an ‘always-on’ networking infrastructure.

Beaconade Networks’ Network Traffic Analysis service offering provides a set of comprehensive reports base lining activity and protocols, along with recommendations on how to improve network performance and growth.

Network Traffic Analysis involves the collection, preparation and presentation of results in a variety of customized reports: Peak and Average Sustained Load – the utilization of available bandwidth, indicating average sustained usage as well as peak usage

  • Errors – the error rate as a percentage of total packets monitored at strategic points in the network. Again, errors reported vary depending on specific technology
  • Top Talkers / Conversations – packet or utilization statistics for the most active transmitting and receiving stations, as well as the top conversation pairs.
  • Protocol Analysis & Breakdown – analysis of the various flavors of network traffic that are transiting the network shown as percentage figures.

Beaconade Networks is the leading provider of management and consulting services for planning, optimizing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and predicting the end-to-end performance of networks, networked applications, and servers in the Nigeria.

Network management software when utilized by Beaconade Networks’ consultants, helps to understand how applications interact with systems, networks, servers, and other components to provide a comprehensive understanding of baseline IT performance, and to plan, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize end-to-end performance in both pre and post deployment scenarios.

For end-to-end capacity planning projects that encompass networks, applications, servers, and mainframes, our consulting staff members use best of breed enabling technologies, industry standards, and best practices to develop and implement successful methodologies and processes.